How to increase PAGE RANK ( PR )

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How to increase PAGE RANK (PR)Here are a few things that affect page rank:1. Perform periodic blog updates by constantly updating the article / posting date. Even better if you could post an article a day (routine). This means that your blog is live, aka not a dummy blog. Keyword in the search engines is also growing as more and more number of posts on your blog.s 

2. Commenting on Dofollow Blog. But I personally think it does not matter, because actually to comment on  nofollow blogs too good to increase blog traffic and reinforce the value of PageRank blog. Even if you are commenting on a blog with PR 0 value is not a problem though, because it could be a time you comment on a blog that would increase his homework without you know. But if you really want an instant / fast way, prioritize commenting on blogs with high PR, PR or at least equal to your blog. But yes, if your blog is PR is bloated, what can make. Must be hard working.

3. Exchanging links between bloggers. After doing a link exchange with fellow bloggers, the PR value of a blog can quickly rise. No need to do the selection of the blogs that want to do link exchange, due to the new blog if you have any care for properly, of course PR blog will go up, it will itself will be good for our blog because they are quality outbound link our blog.

4. Active in various communities such as forums, mailing lists, facebook and twitter. Do not forget to link your blog link there (usually the profile / in footnote). Because you might not just be relying blog TRAFFIC from the search engines.

5. Do not frequently change the templates / themes blog. When just starting to optimize your blog, you should not frequently change the templates / themes. Because according to the experience when we are Change the templates / themes, the same confusing google robots work while doing his jobIdeally, if you're going to change the template / themes only once a year.

6. Index your blog to various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, bloggers, blog catalog, technorati, and so on. The goal for the blog is published, so you can easily find people when performing the search.

7. Avoid content content porn / gambling on your blog, including advertisements inserted in column 
 widget and do not do link spamming when spread. The result can be fatal, the blog got blacklisted by googleIf the virtual world, the term sandbox.

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