Games Luna Online Job FIGHTER - DEATH KNIGHT

FIGHTER - DEATH KNIGHT in Games Luna Online
RAS: Human
Status: Full STR

Fighter Lv. 01 ~ 19
Uppercut [Max]
Crash Blow [Max]
Fighter's Heart [Max]
Burning Rage [Max]
Enhanced HP [Max]
Axe Training [Max]
Two Handed Training [Max]

Warrior Lv. 20 ~ 39
Crash Blow [Max]
Warrior Form [Max]
Risk Taker [Max]
Two Handed Training [Max]
Uppercut [Max]
Axe Training [Max]
Wind Wheel [Lv. 1]
Fighter's Heart [Max]

Mercenary Lv. 40 ~ 74
Axe Training [Max]
Fighter's Heart [Max]
Warrior Form [Max]
Blazing Body [Lv. 1]
Risk Taker [Max]
Rage Burst [Max]
Two Handed Training [Max]
Crash Blow> Burning Crash [Max]
Uppercut> Earthquake [Max]

Knight Lv. 75 ~ 104
Attract Circle [Lv. 1]
Armor Synchro [Max]
Solid Weapon [Max]
Sword Storm [Lv. 1]
Synchro Weapon [Max]
Heavy Armor Expertise [Max]
Blessing Guard [Max]

Destroyer Lv. 105 ~ 125
Fatal Force [Max]
Rage Burst [Max]
Earthquake [Lv. 20]
Fighter's Heart [Max]
Warrior Form [Max]
Risk Taker [Max]
Two Handed Training [Max]
Heavy Weapon Accuracy [Max]
Axe Training [Max]
Axe Mortality [Max]

Death Knight Lv. 125
FatalForce [Max]
Fighter Heart [Max]
Eart Explosion [AoE Skill] [Max]

Leveling SPOT
Lv. 01 ~ 19 = Gate Of Alker / Ruins of Draconian
Lv. 20 ~ 39 = Tarintus / Moon Blind Forest
Lv. 40 ~ 74 = Mont Blanc Port / The way to the Howling Ravine / dryed Gazell Fall
Lv. 75 ~ 110 = Howling Cave 2F / Ghost Swamp Valley / Naila harbor


Lv. 1 ~ 75 = Crafted Armors or buy from NPC. Use only Two Handed Axe. (You can buy it at Alker, Zakandia, or Naila Village)
Lv. 80 ~ 104 = Try to buy or make a "Seven Guardian Armor sets" adds 5% Physical Defense and Kimball Axe Lv. 83 (There Di NPC).
(Seven Guardian Armor sets can craft using carat diamonds)
Lv. 105 + = Holy iron Armor Sets, Glove, Boots, Necklace Living, Hathors, Fleckring, Flame ring.
Holy iron Armor = crafted with VIT + reinforce VIT
Holy iron Glove = Reinforce STR
Holy iron Boots = Reinforce VIT or Movement speed is up to you.

Living necklace = Reinforce HP
Rings = 2 Hathors with VIT (2 hathors to get 2/2 Effect) + reinforce HP Recovery or MP
Earrings = Flickering Earrings. + Reinforce HP Recovery or MP
Belt = Lv. 72 Flame Ring belt use provides +5 stats to All.
Golden Axe = Reinforce with Critical Rate 100 +
Helmet = Kynee.
happy playing :)

Work in GAME :
* Game Aterna Luna
* Game 7Luna plus
* Game Celesyia Luna