Love poetry GO FOR LOVE

Love poetry FOR LOVE

I'm sorry that you have been hurt
I did not mean to hurt you
if you want hates me, I blame Not Be
if coud heart wound
Now I'm out of your life
I do not love you no
or try to deny smua promise to you
I just do not want to see you hurt because I
Although it is difficult for me to leave you
erase all memories of You
but I try to forget
for the sake of you and I love you

* LOVE *
Love is a beautiful feeling that ..
So that fat people are looking and trying to have it ...
Although they know love can make it hurt
But they were never a deterrent for her taste.
honesty is the basis of all functions in a relationship:
> friendship
> job
if we want to be appreciated by others, then we should try menghargi others.
Friend is someone who pobud there when we are happy or sad

* I want to be a place
When he was tired and injured
I want to be the person who always
there at his side
When he was alone and there was no reply to her care
* when words no longer be luluhkan heart
I do not know what are my powers
might all have ended tampamu
lost and lost in anganku.
* be honest with your feelings
just follow your heart
you need not mind me
pobud because it was my decision to you whatsoever.
* Listen to your heart dinda
try to accept me as I am
just honesty and love that I have
that it makes you happy.
* This only can I give you
not a luxury that a stack of presents
or that beautiful bouquet
but only a line of words and sincere prayer from me.
* remove your tears lah
it was your heart strong
forget he was the one who hurt you tlah
because I'm here just for you.
* You may refuse my love
I receive if you ignore me
but jagan you asked me to forget you
and let lah I keep to your side.

Poetry part2

* SURE *

Mute is all anger
you dispose of all suspicious me
try to believe me
and sure love is danger yours
If you are still in doubt to me
The mobile arm and face-to-eye
see there is only you
so did my heart there's only you and I love you
Do not worry you're wavering or doubt me
Because it just makes you far away from me
You do not have to ignore the word "their
The most important is our love


* WITH *
I want to be a reliance
When he was tired and injured
I want to always be at his side
When she was alone and no one care about him
Believe me that I am always there for you
Here by your side, I'll keep you company
Sharing joy and sorrow bersamu
Through it all with you
Believe it smua good "course
We certainly can through smuanya
Let it flow all
Because the right time to answer them all

By: Rado Parado (RpR)

This Love Poetry Part3

* Just want you understand *

separation is not the best for us
Is not that just hurt both of us
Lying to our feelings
Tidakah you understand what I think
Left me by myself
That is not what I want from you
I just hope you can understand me
menyangiku as sincere love and hearts
I hope you can now understand
I do not want you to leave alone
I hope you re-coloring my day again
Filling this space dihati

* created: Rado
Love in Jakarta

* Desire *
You know I love you
You know I need you
I know you're afraid of losing your
but why do you stay away from me
I did not ask you to love me tuk
My inggin just to be near you
admire all your keindahaan
from the dark side of my heart

But you snatched all that away from me
you leave me alone without you
without a single word spoken from you
you leave me